So you want to become a certified medical professional?  What now? Choosing a school to accomplish your professional career goals can be quite daunting as there are many things to consider. The Health Care Training Center in Spokane understands this challenge. We would like to help you find the best school to suite your needs. You will be making a significant investment in time and money to attend your training facility of choice so be sure to do your homework.

Below we have compiled the top 10 questions to ask yourself while investigating your prospects.  Protect yourself and your investment by answering each of the questions below.

  1. Watch out for scams!  Does the training facility really exist?
  2. How has the training facility been rated by the better business bureau?
  3. Does the facility stand behind their services?
  4. Is the training institution properly licensed?
  5. Is the institution recognized or recommended by the local community?
  6. How much does the training course cost vs how much training is provided?
  7. If needed, are their any financing options available?
  8. How credible is the staff and training personnel at each institution?
  9. Does the facility provide assistance with job placement?
  10. Is the facility committed to your ongoing success?


Watch out for scams!  Does the training facility really exist?

Since the advent of the internet, online fraud has been a booming business to the tune of billions of dollars a year globally.  According to consumerfraudreporting.org,  66.1% of internet thieves reside in the United States.  Taking proper precautions to avoid falling victim to their schemes is imperative.

Once you find a school or training facility that interests you, do your research!

  • Do they have a website?

Now days, all legitmate businesses should have a website so start there first.  Once you find their website, perform a trust evaluation.  Ask yourself, does their site feel professional and trustworthy, or sloppy and slapped together.  First appearances are important,  if they haven’t taken the time or committment to hone a professional image for themselves, what can they do for you or your education?

  • Verify Contact information

Find the contact page and verify the prospects contact information.  If they have a phone number make sure it is active and in service.  Is their an email address? Check to see if their customer support actually returns a response.  Online thieves will often present false information to instill a false sense of trust in internet users.

  • Schedule a consultation appointment

If possible, schedule a time to go into the facility and meet the staff.  This is a great time to get a feel for the environment and the people you will be working with.

Taking these steps seriously will help you keep your investment safe and your career goals on track!

Health Care Training Center (HCTC) would love to have you join our growing team of medical professionals.  If you have any questions or reservations regarding the HCTC or the programs and services we offer, don’t hesitate to contact us.  You can reach us by phone, email, via our on site contact form, or the live chat option during business hours.  You may also schedule your free consultation appointment online by clicking on the start now button at the top right of our website.  We look forward to hearing from you and addressing your questions and concerns.



Is the training institution properly licensed?

All schools and training facilities are required to be licensed according to state and federal regulations and to meet the criteria they set forth.  This alone does not tell you the quality of the school, only that they have met the minimum requirements set forth by these authorities to open shop.  At the very least, this should assure you that the school is a legal entity.  Continue your research!

Health Care Training Center has taken great care to follow all proper channels required by local, state and federal authorities.  All our programs meet the requirements set forth by these organzations as defined below.

  • CNA – Certified Nursing Assistant

The Nursing Assistant Certification program at HCTC is licensed through the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services Department of Aging and Disability Services in cooperation with the regulations set by the Washington State Department of Health Nursing Quality Care Assurance Commission. Program approval is subject to bi-annual review.

Aging & Disability Services Administration (ASDA)


Residential Care Services

P.O. Box 45600

Olympia, WA 98504-5600

1-800-422-3263 (voice)

1-800-737-7931 (TDD)

Washington State Department of Health

P.O. Box 47890

Olympia, WA 98504-7890




How has the training center been rated by the Better Business Bureau?

All BBB accredited businesses have agreed to live up to the Standards for Trust which the BBB sees as a function of two primary factors – integrity and performance.  Integrity includes respect, ethics and intent. Performance speaks to a business’s track record of delivering results in accordance with BBB standards and/or addressing customer concerns in a timely, satisfactory manner.

Businesses that choose to register with the Better Business Bureau purposefully open themselves up to public scrutiny which can say a lot about a company.  By checking the training facility of interest against the BBB, you can see who if any, have voiced their complaints against the organization as well as see the organizations rebuttal against individual complaints.  Have some leniency here as schools service many individuals and there are bound to be those who don’t meet the schools curriculum requirements and may lash out in a public dispute using the BBB as their public forum of choice.  Carefully weigh the disputes and rebuttals to make an educated decision.

Health Care Training Center is proud of our reputation as well as our A+ rating by the better business bureau. We always maintain an open door policy and welcome constructive criticism.  If a client has a problem with our staff or services, we take it very seriously and will do our best to resolve the matter quickly.



Does the facility stand behind their services?

If a training facility is passionate about what they are doing, and the services they are providing to the community, they will likely have enough integrity to stand behind the services they offer.  Inquire if the school offers any sort of satisfaction guarantee.  If they don’t, this may be cause for you to raise your eyebrows.

Health Care Training Center (HCTC) believes in providing a student with the piece of mind he or she deserves.  We believe in our mission and we believe in our staff.  HCTC strives to provide 100% satisfaction to each of the clients we serve.  If a client feels under prepared for the workplace upon graduating one of our programs, HCTC will work closely with that client until they are confident and comfortable in the skills and knowledge they have been taught. Failure to perform these skills effectively in the workplace would reflect poorly on our partners as well as ourselves, the facility that trained them.  At HCTC, we understand that your success is our success.



Is the institution recognized or recommended by the local community?

Once you have verified that a particular school is a legal operating facility, establish what credibility they hold within the community.  Schools that offer certificate programs for positions such as NAC / CNA’s are required to provide their students with clinical experience during the training cycle.  Have the school inform you where the clinical portion of the training will be held and then contact the clinical site directly.  The clinical site will be honest with you in regards to the quality of the students coming out of the local training facility you’re investigating.  REMEMBER,  if the word on the street isn’t favorable towards the training facility in question, graduating from such a facility might make your job search more difficult as your skill levels may be considered below par,  making your job search more difficult.

Health Care Training Center has a strong and growing reputation within the Spokane community. Our mission is to raise the quality care standards of local facilities through our own highly trained graduates. We don’t believe training facilities can equip students with the skills they need to provide patients with the quality care they deserve in the short time allotted by state minimums. That is why HCTC offers more hours of training than mandated by Washington state law. We offer the best clinical training around and the local facilities who hire our students see the difference that our HCTC graduates make.



How much does the training course cost?

Cost is always a factor when choosing a school but be careful as cheaper is not necessarily better. Investigate your prospects for any hidden fee’s, pre-requisites etc.

At Health Care Training Center, our NAC / CNA certification course provides 112 hours of training to each student at a cost of $800 for tuition plus $150 for course materials and registration, or $950 in total. You may download and view the NAC-CNA Enrollment Agreement below. We equip our students with the skills they need to succeed in the workplace.  Our philosophy has earned us a great reputation with our local partners as we continually strive to provide the best clinical training around.

Download Enrollment Agreement



If needed, are their any financing options available?

Going back to school, may require some financial aid to make that possible.  Check to see if the school offers any sort of payment plan,  financing, or if they are affiliated with any local, state, or federal agencies to help get you enrolled.

Health Care Training Center has a genuine commitment to our students’ success. Our experienced staff, and our thorough training with extended curriculum, has enabled us to quickly gain a solid reputation for quality and integrity. Because of this we enjoy valuable partnerships with various State and Federal education programs. Financial assistance is made available to applicable students through these organizations depending on the required qualifications set forth by each.

The funding organizations include:


  • Funds training programs through multiple funding sources

Next Generation Zone

  • Funds training programs for students 18-22 years old

Veterans Administration

  • Funds training programs for veterans

Community Jobs Program

  • Fund training programs through multiple funding sources

EPS90 Loan Loan Application

  • Qualify for a temporary loan through our lending partner EPS90. You can learn more on our financial aid page

In House Payment Schedule with Health Care Training Center

  • Health Care Training center provides qualified students to enroll on a payment schedule. Please Note that certificates of completion will not be given until tuitions and been paid in full.

To learn more about these various options with HCTC, schedule a free consultation appointment online today! We can meet with you in person or speak with you over the phone. Click the green “Start Now” button at the top right of our website and we’ll help you get started today.



How credible is the staff and training personnel at each institution?

Investigate the staff members of the training facility you are targeting.  Staff member names, credentials and applicable experience should be readily available from each schools respective websites.  Leverage the power of Google and do a search on staff members to learn even more.   Each member should possess experience applicable to the educational programs offered or the administrative skills to promote the success and longevity of the school?  This can also show you how passionate the schools is about what they do.  A  company that invests in talented individuals is more likely to succeed in the market place than one who finds lesser qualified candidates to lower overhead.  Remember, the only organizations you want to put on your resume are reputable ones.  Be sure to look at this carefully before making your decision.

Here at the Health Care Training Center, we have taken no exceptions to finding and employing the most qualified candidates for the positions we fill.  All staff members have real world experience in the medical field and are not only devoted, but passionate about what they do.  We believe that is what makes us, and the students we serve successful.  We are proud of our staff and invite you to learn more by visiting our staff page.  Click the link below

Meet Team HCTC



Does the facility provide assistance with job placement?

Job placement is not required of any school however some schools work hard to provide such services.  Inquire about job placement services before enrolling.  Finding a job takes time and effort.  It’s nice to have the professional help of a reputable training organization to leverage this endeavor and help get you employed after graduation.

To adequately insure the success of our clients, we realize that graduation from our programs is just the beginning.  We work hard to provide our students with the resources they need to find jobs. We offer assistance with resumes and post job listings for those looking for our qualified candidates. Many employers come to us seeking candidates for their current openings. Over the last 10 years we have developed a reputation that others have come to appreciate. Students who have successfully completed our program have not had trouble finding gainful employment.

Is the facility committed to your ongoing success?

Often times graduating from a school or training facility ends the contractual agreement between both parties and requesting post graduate services comes with additional fees. Find out from your prospective facility what commitment they have to your ongoing success after you graduate. Having the prolonged support of your training facility will aide you in your future endeavors whatever they may be.

All Health Care Training Center (HCTC) students are considered part of our growing family of medical professionals. It is this family, and the success of this family that further promotes the HCTC Institute and it’s programs. After graduation, students are welcome to come back to take advantage of our training labs to practice their skills, etc. HCTC is committed to your success today, tomorrow, and for as long as you find need of HCTC’s services and support.