Spokane CNA Training

Spokane CNA Training

Health Care Training Center welcomes you to your Spokane CNA training and certification resource.  If you’re looking for  more information on becoming a certified nursing assistant in Spokane Washington,  obtaining your CNA certification in Washington state or where you can sign up for local Spokane CNA classes, then you’ve come to the right place!  We here at Health Care Training Center will do our best to address all of your CNA training and certification questions. There are many reasons to consider pursuing your Spokane CNA Training Certification. The following are just a few;


Length of Spokane CNA Training certification programs

Believe it or not, obtaining your Spokane CNA training certification can be accomplished in as little as three weeks.  This makes CNA certification a great opportunity for people who are changing careers, raising families, or for those looking for an occupation that can afford themselves the opportunity to go to college.  The program is 112 hours in length, consisting of two phases. The first of which involves 48 hours of in classroom study, led by an experienced medical professional in the nursing field.  During this time you will be trained in all the procedures and practices that you will be expected to perform as a certified nursing assistant.  The second phase of CNA job training consists of clinicals, or on the job training where you will perform what you have learned in your initial phase of CNA training but in a nursing home environment, gaining valuable hands on experience.


Cost of CNA Training Certification in Spokane Washington

Obtaining your Spokane CNA training Certification in Spokane is quite affordable.  Thanks to the HealthCare Training Center, this opportunity has been made available to residents of Spokane WA and the surrounding vicinity for under $1000 dollars.  Comparing this cost to the expense of time and money required to obtain a two year degree from a community college makes CNA Training certification in Spokane, a very attractive opportunity worth considering.


CNA Salary for certified nursing assistants in Spokane Washington

Compared to many two year college degrees, possessing your certified nursing assistant training certification doesn’t only cost less and take less time to achieve, but can pay just as much if not more than many community college degrees.  The average CNA Salary for Certified nursing assistants can be between $21,000 and $35,000 depending on the nursing environment they choose to work in.  In Spokane Washington those environments range from being an in home CNA caregiver, a certified nursing aid, or a hospital nursing assistant.


Spokane CNA Training Certification and Community Job Placements

Washington State law requires certified nursing assistant training certification for all individuals involved in assisting or monitoring the health and needs of patients.  This includes but is not limited to in home health care, nursing homes, short term and long-term health care facilities and hospitals.  Because of this law, the rise in elderly patient care and the high turnover rate in the nursing assistant field certified nursing assistants are in steady demand.  CNA training certification provides many employment opportunities in Spokane Washington for those aspiring to become nursing assistants.


Rewards of CNA Training Certification in Spokane Washington

  • Time Savings – Three weeks is all takes to achieve your Spokane CNA Training certification
  • Cost Savings – At under $1000 you save several thousand dollars over conventional two year college based programs.
  • Competitive Salaries – salaries upwards of $35,000 a year depending on facility and position employed in.
  • Flexibility – Due to the low overhead of time and tuition required, CNA training certification is a great choice for the busy family member, displaced worker, those searching for high paying entry level employment or those simply looking for a career change.
  • Job Placement – There is a growing need for Spokane CNA certified nursing assistants offering excellent job placement, competitive salaries and advancement opportunities.


Take the next step towards your Spokane CNA Training Certification?

The Health Care Training Center invites you to take the next step towards a rewarding and fulfilling career as a certified nursing assistant.  Our site is currently under construction so if you have any questions that you would like to address, feel free to call us directly or submit an inquiry on the contact us page of this website and a qualified representative will get back to you.
Be sure to check back with us regularly for additional CNA training information and resources.  We hope to serve you in the future.


The Team at Health Care Training Center