Meet Team HCTC

Health Care Training Center (HCTC) is committed to delivering quality education to ensure the success of our students.  This is best achieved by creating a team that not only believes in our mission, but also possesses the passion for the industry which we serve.

Team HCTC is comprised of industry related professionals who each bring a wealth of training and real world experience to each program offered. Below you will find a list of our staff members, and their experience in medical services industry.


Jeannine Waddell, RN :  Program Director & Instructor

Jeannine's Bio

Jeannine RN: Program Director & Instructor

Jeannine (Jay) has been a Registered Nurse since 1970 and is certified in Gerontological Nursing. She has worked in a number of skilled nursing facilities including Lilac City Convalescent Center, Valleycrest Nursing Home and Good Samaritan Society. Jay originally began working for HCTC in 2003 helping to create the curriculum and clinical affiliations. Prior to her return as an instructor at HCTC in 2015, Jay worked as a staff nurse at Hospice of Spokane.


Jim Farve, RN:  Program Instructor

Jim's Bio

Jim, RN: Program Instructor

Jim has been working for HCTC since 2010 and has worked at Saint Luke’s Rehabilitation in Spinal and Brain Injury Care. Providing hours of teaching in topics related to his work and a better understanding of the afflictions that each client has had. He has worked at Sacred Heart Medical Center in the Cardiac Care unit and the Burn Victim Unit. He also spent five years at the Airway Heights Correction Center as an Infirmary Charge Nurse. He has been an RN for 25 years.


Barbara Anderson, BSN, RN:  Program Instructor

Barbara's Bio

Barbara, RN: Program Instructor

Barbra has been an instructor for HCTC since 2010. Barbara has been a RN for 37 years. She spent 20 years working at Fairfield Nursing and assisted living care Facility and worked at Sacred heart Hospital for 5years. Since becoming an RN she has assisted students with NARs and NACs.


Gayle Lowery, LPN:  Program Instructor

Gayle's Bio

Gayle, LPN: Program Instructor

Gayle has been a Licensed Nurse for 20 years and worked at Sacred Heart Medical Center for 13 years. In that time Gayle worked in many aspects of the hospital environment. Gayle has also worked at Lakeland Village and cared for DDD patients and currently is working with Behavioral Health Residents. She has been with HCTC since 2009.


Suzie Kuznetz, RN:  Program Instructor

Suzie's Bio

Suzie, RN: Program Instructor

Suzie has been working as a Licensed Nurse since 1973. During this time she has worked in Canada and the United States at varies facilities which included; Vancouver General Hospital, East Gate Medical and Surgical Clinic, Spokane Community College and Hospice of Spokane. She has worked for HCTC since 2011.


Gloria Dunn, RN:  Program Instructor

Gloria's Bio

Gloria, RN: Program Instructor

Gloria has been an RN since 1974 and is Board Certified in Geriatric Nursing. She spent 21 years of her career dedicated to Landmark Care and Rehabilitation in Yakima, WA as the Administrator managing a staff of 130 employees. She has over 10 years of experience as the Director of Nursing at multiple convalescent facilities in Yakima, WA. Gloria joined the HCTC team in 2016.


Margaret Steffy, RN:  Program Instructor

Margaret's Bio

Margaret, RN: Program Instructor

Maggie has over 40 years as an LPN and RN. Her experience extends into Obstetrics and Gynecology, Family Medicine and In-Home Care. Prior to her arrival at HCTC Maggie was the Program Director of a local Nursing Assistant institution. She has been with HCTC since 2013.


Linda Tieaskie, PhD, MPH, BSN, RN:  Program Instructor

Linda's Bio

Linda, PhD, MPH, BSN, RN: Program Instructor

Linda has been an RN since 1969 and has worked in a variety of medical facilities across the Nation. Linda’s nursing experience encompasses Medical-Surgery, Psychiatric, Long-term Care, Primary Care, Social Work, Rehabilitation Services and Education Services. She has been with HCTC since 2013.


Tonya Townsend, RN:  Program Instructor

Tonya's Bio

Tonya, RN: Program Instructor

Tonya has been an RN for a number of years, 18 of which she spent working for Sacred Heart Medical Center supervising NACs. She currently works at Spokane Mental Health. She joined HCTC in 2012.


Paul Hammerschmidt, LPN:  Program Instructor

Paul's Bio

Paul, LPN: Program Instructor

Paul has over 28 years of nursing experience encompassing a variety of settings, including acute care, long term care, alternative care, operating room clinical support and most currently treatment for adolescent chemical dependency. Paul joined the HCTC team in 2013.


Terri Luce, BA, RN:  Program Instructor

Terri's Bio

Terri, BA, RN: Program Instructor

Terri joined the HCTC team in 2015 and is backed with over 20 years of clinical experience. Her experience extends into Long Term Care, Hospice, Acute Care and working with various dementia and mental health disorders.


Susan Robinson, RN:  Program Instructor

Susan's Bio

Susan, RN: Program Instructor

Susan possesses over 30 years of nursing experience in acute and long term care facilities. Her experience extends into pre/post operative and surgical nursing as well as ambulatory care and emergency medicine. Susan joined the HCTC team in 2017.


Heather Smith, JD, BS, RN:  Program Instructor

Heather's Bio

Heather, JD, BS, RN: Program Instructor

Heather began her nursing career as an RN in 2004. Her nursing experience encompasses oncology, pre/post-operative care, anesthesia, surgery, ER, acute care, psychiatric and long term care. Heather continued her education and in 2014 completed law school from the University of North Dakota. Heather has been a part of the HCTC team since 2015.


Doris Tillman, RN:  Program Instructor

Doris's Bio

Doris, RN: Program Instructor

Doris has been an RN since 1975 and earned her Masters in Nursing in 1985. Her career has provided her with experience in a variety of healthcare capacities including surgery, psychiatric, mental illness and community health. Doris has been a part of the HCTC team since 2017.