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As a privately owned vocational training facility, Health Care Training has been preparing students for NAC / CNA certification for almost 10 years! Longer than any other school in the area.

Maintain your state certification through CE courses.

Continuing Education Courses Offered Through Health Care Training Center of SpokaneMany Continuing Education (CE) courses are available through Health Care Training Center. If you possess a NAC, CNA, Home Care Aide or other health care related certification, you may be required to take continuing education courses annually to maintain certification. All of the NAC/CNA and Home Care Aides CE courses offered by Health Care Training Center are provided to students online and may be completed at your own pace.

All CE course costs and descriptions are listed below.





Isn’t Dementia the Same Thing as Alzheimer’s? (3 CE Hours)

This course provides a brief overview of 11 different types of dementia. This course is not designed to provide an in-depth knowledge of each type of dementia, but is rather designed to create an awareness that various types of dementia exist. This course is approved by DSHS.

Cost for this course is $35.00

The Difference between a Right and Left-Sided Stroke (3 CE Hours)

This course focuses on the basic principle of a stroke. Upon completion student will be able to properly define a stroke and indicate the two major causes. Furthermore, you will learn how a stroke affects the brain and be able to list helpful tips when dealing with left-brain and right brain injuries. You will also learn about various other complications that can result from brain injuries and modalities to assist with patient care. This course is approved by DSHS.

Cost for this course is $35.00

Back to the Basics of Nutrition (3 CE Hours)

This course is focused on the basic fundamentals of patient nutrition and meal planning. Back to the Basics of Nutrition is approved by DSHS.

Cost for this course is $35.00

Recognizing Depression in Your Older Client (2 CE Hours)

This course develops the skills necessary to properly recognize symptoms of depression in your client. Furthermore, it will provide you with the necessary steps when addressing client depression. This course is approved by DSHS.

Cost for this course is $25.00

Falls and Fall Prevention (1 CE Hour)

This course provides the basic understanding of patient falls the steps that can be taken to prevent falls. Falls and Fall Prevention includes slides with audio and upon completion you will be responsible for completing an assignment and exam. This course is approved by DSHS.

Cost for this course is $15.00

Establishing Trust through Communication (2 CE Hours)

This course discusses the importance of developing good communication skills when working with long-term clients and or the elderly patient. Establishing Trust through Communication is approved by DSHS.

Cost for this course is $25.00

Assisting a Client with Chronic Pain (2 CE Hours)

This course provides caregivers with the fundamentals of how to support to the needs of clients with chronic pain. Assisting a Client with Chronic Pain is approved by DSHS.

Cost for this course is $25.00

Getting Enough Zzz’s (1 CE Hours)

This course discusses the importance health benefits of sleep and the science of sleep. It also discusses senior sleep patterns.

Cost for this course is $15.00

The Process of Elimination (2 CE Hours)

The course covers the process of the elimination of waste products from the human body. It will teach you 1) How to promote good bowel and bladder functioning for a client; 2) Problems with bowel and bladder functioning, the causes, signs, what can help, and what to report; and 3) Assisting with toileting, including: a) common toileting assistive equipment; b) incontinence products; and c) pericare, colostomy, and cathether care.

Cost for this course is $25.00

First Things First – Caregiver Selfcare (2 CE Hours)

Defines self-care, reviews the components of self-care and wellness, recognizing and finding tools for stress and caregiver burnout.

Cost for this course is $25.00

Medication Assistance Training (5 CE Hours)

This course covers 1)Self-Directed Care for the IP; 2)Delegation; 3)Medications; and 4)Medications & Dementia. It discusses the proper procedure for assisting and administering meds. It teaches proper documentation and what things should be observed and reported.

Cost for this course is $55.00

Client’s Rights (2 CE Hours)

This course covers client rights.

Cost for this course is $25.00

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