Naces Approved Testing Facility

As a NACES approved testing facility, Health Care Training Center (HCTC) is excited to offer students the opportunity to now test on campus rather then at a third party testing site such as the college.

Since gaining approval, HCTC student scores have soared as students now have more confidence when testing in the very same environment they have learned and practiced their skills in. Students are also provided the added comfort of testing with their peers who they have spent a considerable amount of time in class with. To top things off, Health Care Training Center goes the extra mile to insure students test successfully by hosting a practice test and review session the evening before hosting the official NACES examination site.

Health Care Training Center can only allow 12 students to test at a time per NACES regulatory guidelines however, HCTC has applied to NACES for additional testing dates to insure everyone gets to test as soon as possible after graduation.

To view the current dates available for NACES testing at HCTC, click the link below.

NACES Test Dates