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Spokane’s Premier Health Care Education Center

HCTC (Health Care Training Center) is Spokane’s premier health care education center. Here students will find the right health care and medical training required to pursue a promising career in the field of health care. HCTC goes to great lengths to equip their graduates with all the right skills required for the various opportunities that exist in the health care industry. These opportunities can be found in top health care facilities such as hospitals, medical centers, and nursing homes across the country. HCTC achieves this goal by providing each student with a solid academic foundation through instructors who are seasoned experts in the field of health care nursing. Each instructor employed by Health Care Training Center helps bolster classroom curriculum with real life experience, promoting a more engaging learning experience for students.

Health Care Training Center is Spokane’s longest running health care education center and is renowned for making no compromise on the quality of the training they provide. Being recognized by the community for such helps HCTC graduates to win top jobs in health care facilities local to the Spokane Washington area and abroad.

Health Care Training Center (HCTC) offers fast, affordable and top notch courses which help students to prepare for desired jobs in the healthcare industry. Students can choose from a variety of programs and continuing education courses to enroll in. As Spokane’s premier health care education center, HCTC’s strives to provide each student with the best quality education possible, certifying each graduate as a medical professionals and assisting them in there career path and future success.

Health Care Training Center has been working as Spokane’s premier privately owned vocational training institute for 12 years. It has been training its students for NAC / CNA certification from its inception, serving as Spokane’s longest  entry level medical training center. As a renowned and trusted healthcare training and certification institute. All the programs at HCTC are fully approved and licensed by the Washington State Department of Health, Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) and the Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board.

Health Care Training Center provides several courses in medical training. One of it’s staple courses as mentioned above is the NAC program, a 112 hour long course in which training includes working in a skilled nursing facility allowing each student to get on the job experience in patient health care. The Home Care Aide program requires students to participate in a 75 hour program. This is designed to prepare the students for the HCA Certification Exam that is required by the State of Washington before granting certification. Major portions of this program are completed online and only around 12 hours of skills training takes place in the actual classroom.

Health Care Training Center also offers various other courses  in nurse delegation, nurse delegation with emphasis on diabetes, mental health, Dementia manager and Dementia caregiver, CPR, and more. HCTC also provides students with options like education continuation, financial assistance and a variety of other career related job resources.

The team at Health Care Training Center insists that all the health care providers have proper training in order to serve their community in the best manner possible. Candidates wishing to pursue a promising career in the healthcare industry are encourage to apply.  Call today at (509) 850-0033.