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NAC / CNA Certification in Spokane WA has just gotten easier for current or aspiring nursing aid assistants. Spokane Washington’s longest running health care education center, Health Care Training Center (HCTC), is a local NAC / CNA Certification training and education company serving eastern Washington.  HCTC now offers specialized NAC / CNA training for individuals seeking their certified nursing assistant certification through carefully mapped and professionally taught CNA Certification classes. Current nursing assistants looking for NAC / CNA recertification or NAC / CNA certification renewal will find all the help and resources they need here to competently pass the NAC / CNA certification exam.

If you’re considering pursuing your NAC / CNA Certification in Spokane WA, then you probably have a few questions you would like answered, such as:

  • What are the duties of Certified Nursing Assistants?
  • Certified Nursing Assistant job opportunities in Spokane WA…are there any?
  • Brick and Mortar vs Online NAC / CNA Certification training in Spokane WA…which is best?
  • How do I get NAC / CNA Certification in Spokane WA?


What are the duties of Certified Nursing Assistants?

Certified nursing assistants work in many different environments and are in charge of many duties, primarily that of caring for and monitoring the health of patients.

Individuals who possess their NAC / CNA Certification in Spokane WA can expect to find job placement  in elderly care and nursing home facilities, local hospitals and often times, in the patients’ homes themselves.  NAC / CNA training such as that which is facilitated by Health Care Training Center in Spokane, helps students to master the skill sets required for these different environments and properly prepares them for the certified nursing assistant exam.

Certified nursing assistants provide the majority of caregiving in these facilities and include everything from assisting patients with daily chores (such as bathing, dressing, eating, or going for a walk), to performing various medical procedures such as taking vitals and so on.  Because of the nature of the routine care that is provided, respecting the patient and preserving the dignity of the less fortunate are the key moral obligations of certified nursing assistants.

Certified nursing assistants will find their line of work very rewarding due to the relationships they develop with their patients and the opportunity they have to make a profound difference in the lives of those they care for.


Certified Nursing Assistant job opportunities…are there any?

NAC / CNA Certification is now required by law in the state of Washington for nursing assistants to help protect and care for the health and well being of patients. A steady influx of elderly patients in hospitals and nursing homes is being seen as the baby-boomer population comes into its later years. This has only increased the current demand for qualified NAC / CNAs. Nursing assistants with a NAC / CNA certification can expect a rewarding job with exciting growth and advancement opportunities in Spokane WA and across the state. Competitive salaries, benefits, and easy job placements exist for qualified candidates who have taken the NAC / CNA Certification exam and possess a NAC / CNA certification. From local health care facilities to the Red Cross, CNA Certification is a recession-proof solution for those looking for a new career or have fallen victim to the nation’s current economic downturn.


Brick and Mortar vs Online NAC / CNA Certification training in Spokane WA…which is best?

Online NAC / CNA Certification versus brick and mortar or live classroom training are the two choices with which most students are confronted, unless you live in Washington State. Each state is different, but online NAC / CNA Certification courses, like so many others have been growing in popularity across the web to cater to the time constraints and busy lives of those seeking to obtain their NAC / CNA Certification. Unfortunately, online NAC / CNA Certification fails to meet all of the NAC / CNA certification requirements as mandated by Washington State. Nursing Assistant Certified responsibilities are shared by two separate state agencies: the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) and the Department of Health (DOH). These agencies assure applicants meet all federal requirements, monitor licensed training programs and testing processes, and award or suspend the certification (license) of CNAs (Certified Nursing Assistant) or NACs (Nursing Assistant Certified), depending on each individual’s competency and conduct in the field.
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Candidates seeking their NAC / CNA Certification in Spokane WA or anywhere else in the state, are required to take 35 hours of classroom training and 50 hours of clinical training before taking their NAC / CNA Certification Test. This can hardly be achieved from the comfort of your home online. It is the shared opinion of Health Care Training Center that delivering optimal care requires the hands-on procedural practices that can only be offered in a classroom environment, supervised by a medical health professional that possesses substantial experience in a nursing environment.  In fact, Health Care Training Center exceeds the state minimum requirements providing 48 hours of patient care and 64 hours of clinical experience. This assures each candidate the best chance at passing their NAC / CNA Certification Test and affords them the skills and confidence to competently carry out the duties and responsibilities of their new profession.


How do I get NAC / CNA Certification in Spokane WA?

There is much to learn about NAC / CNA Certification.  We have just grazed the service and encourage continued research into this exciting and rewarding field.  If and when you decide to move towards becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant in Spokane, we will be there to help.  You can learn more about our Spokane NAC / CNA Certification classes by clicking the appropriate links at the top of the page.

In pursuing your NAC / CNA Certification with Health Care Training Center, you will find the insight, instruction and hands-on training from instructors who are medical professionals with many years of experience in the medical field.  Our site is currently undergoing construction, so check back frequently for more information.

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